Moving on Up

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Moving can be a hassle. There’s typically a lot of junk to sort through, including pounds of paper that may or may not be useful. When organizing the piles of files, here are a couple tips to ease the stress of moving.

1) When putting together a throw away pile, just put the papers in boxes. Dallas Shredding Services has machines that can rip through cardboard and staples. There is no need to individually shred sections of paper when you can trust us with a time-efficient and easy way to dispose of everything.

2) Scan important documents as PDFs instead of toting around paper files. With this increasingly technology-based world, the need for paper copies just seems excessive. Go paperless and let moving be an opportunity to reorganize and declutter your life from excess paper.

Dallas Shredding Services is here to help you in all your shredding needs. Moving a great time to let go of those old files that piled up over time. Contact us today for more information on how we can help you in the move!