Going Green: How Professional Shredding Can Help The Environment

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While security is of top importance when considering shredding services, another major benefit is the fact that it can save the environment. Dallas Shredding Services is delighted to say that our job helps keep our world a little greener!

When disposing of our old documents, disks, and other data, shredding helps prevent massive amounts of waste from being sent to a landfill. Our shredded paper is sent directly to a facility that recycles the bits and turns it into new paper. This eliminates part of the need to chop down more trees to make new paper. Cutting down our forests for new paper production increases water usage, energy consumption, and increases air pollution of harmful paper production plants. By recycling old paper, we can do our part in preserving this earth we call home.

With us, you can rest easy in knowing that you aren’t only helping yourself and your business, but the environment. We commit to being green with our shredding. Do what you can to be responsible for this earth and give us a call.