Why Hire a Professional Document Shredding Company – Reason #4 – Your Delete Button is Broken

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Reason #4 – Your Delete Button is Broken

One of the most overlooked aspect of secure document destruction is the device you’re probably using right now.  THE HARD DRIVE.  Hard drives are present in your computer, your phone, your tablet or any device you use to surf the web, compose documents or send emails.  The sad news is – your delete button DOES NOT work.  Almost nothing is ever erased form a hard drive.  You may have thought you deleted that document or even “permanently deleted” that email, but in reality, your computer only marks these items as TO BE DELETED.  Even if you format your hard drive, run over your drive with your car or dip your drive in water, there is still a very good chance your deleted data can be accessed using the right techniques.  Read Why Deleted Files Can Be Recovered, and How You Can Prevent It.

You’re only real hope to protect and destroy years of sensitive information that has passed through your device is to call Document Shredding Services of Dallas and have their AAA Certified NAID team of professionals properly destroy and dispose of your hard drives, phones and tablets.