Your Office Document Shredder is Worthless

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So you thought you’d be slick and go with an over the counter document shredder rather than hire a professional service like Data Shredding Services of Dallas.  You figured the couple hundred dollars you spend on the deluxe shredder would be good enough.  Wrong.  Besides the fact that most of these machines lack the technology to adequately destroy your sensitive hard copy data, you’ve failed to consider the most important issue concerning these sub par machines – humans.

How much time have you spent training yourself or your employees in the art of document destruction?  Are you or your employees clear on what need to be destroyed and what doesn’t?  Regardless of your business, privacy laws affect you and you must comply with these laws in order to protect yourself legally.  If documents are not PROPERLY destroyed, you may be in for an unpleasant surprise.

How can you prove the documents your set aside for destruction were actually destroyed?  Do you have a documented chain of custody for your sensitive office data?  An NAID AAA Certified Dallas document shredding company will ensure you have the proper documentation to prove you have taken appropriate measures to ensure the privacy of your clients.  No over the counter shredder can provide this kind of buffer protection for your business.

Don’t be fooled.  in-house document shredders have many flaws and open you and your business to unneeded liability.  Rest easy knowing that the trained professionals at Data Shredding Services of Dallas will ensure all of your sensitive data is properly destroyed and documented.