Professional Shredding: It’s For the Home Too

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Many documents pile up around the house— home offices, old file cabinets, attic boxes— all can be filled with outdated, yet dangerous documents. Destroying said documents should be of top priority, but how?

You have a few options on how to dispose of the excess of paper:

  1. Crumble the papers and shoot it in the garbage.
  2. Shred it with an at-home shredder.
  3. Contact a professional. 
While options one and two sound the easiest, they actually are the most dangerous. When it comes to your personal information, you should leave it to the professionals to correctly destroy any documents that could put you at risk of fraud or identity-theft.
Dallas Shredding Services is enthusiastic about keeping client information 100% confidential. Every document will be unreadable and unrecoverable. Let us help you keep your protection at high priority. With our help, you can sleep easy knowing you are safe.