Protecting Valuable Data: Hard Drives

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As old hard drives become obsolete, the need to dispose of them is ever increasing. Old drives may seem useless, but they are filled with important information that any unauthorized individual could profit from. Worst cases for improper hard drive disposal could end in stolen social security numbers, credit card information, and other data that could put your business in danger. It is not enough to simply wipe the hard drive of the info, but properly shredding the device is crucial.

Dallas Shredding Services commits to taking your security seriously. We understand that data wiping and degaussing alone cannot promise that data will not be recovered. Our high-powered shredding machines physically rip apart the hard drive leaving it ultimately ineffective and impossible to read. There is no chance for data recovery, so your information is completely secure.
The first step toward total data security is knowledge– Dallas Shredding Services aims to bring you the necessary information to best protect you. The next step: action. Give us a call to move forward in your data security plan. By trusting professionals to handle the destruction of your valuable information, you can rest easy knowing you are fully protected.