SUMMARY – 5 Reasons to Hire a Professional Document Shredding Company

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Reason #1 – It’s the Law

There are various state and federal laws which dictate that it’s mandatory for your business to secure its private information, especially files concerning employees or customers. To ensure compliance with these specific regulations, it’s crucial that you shred all confidential and outdated business information. Data Shredding Services in Dallas provides convenient paper shredding solutions that will keep your business in compliance and do so at an affordable cost.  READ MORE…


Reason #2 – Cost Efficiency

Shredding trucks shred paper faster and have much more capacity than any regular in-house shredding machine can provide. If you were to assign an employee to do this task, it would cost your company more than hiring a shredding company. It is even more cost effective than having a minimum wage employee do the shredding, let alone someone who gets paid good wages.   READ MORE….


Reason #3 – Ensuring Recycling

Recycling your paper contributes to a healthier environment – but after shredding records with an office shredder, it’s too risky to set them aside for recycling. Bags of shredded documents are vulnerable to theft by criminals hoping to gain access to confidential information.  READ MORE….


Reason #4 – Your Delete Button is Broken

One of the most overlooked aspect of secure document destruction is the device you’re probably using right now.  THE HARD DRIVE.  Hard drives are present in your computer, your phone, your tablet or any device you use to surf the web, compose documents or send emails.  The sad news is – your delete button DOES NOT work.  READ MORE…


Reason #5 – How Well Do You Know Your Employees?

In a world of increasing attrition, good loyal employees are hard to come by and even more difficult to retain. In order to keep business moving, employers tend to lower their guard when hiring new personnel and relax the practice of background and reference checks. Trusting these employees to properly handle your most confidential of documents is risky and irresponsible.  READ MORE…