When you use a typical office shred machine to destroy sensitive documents, time that should be spent on work tasks at your Terrell area company is taken away. Most office shred machines only take a few sheets of paper at a time, and these machines will require constant maintenance. Since 2001, Data Shredding Services have proudly serviced Terrell and other Texas municipalities with first-rate document destruction. Hiring Data Shredding Services will save you and your company time, money and significantly lower the risk of identity theft happening to you and your employees.

By following the various strict federal and state laws and regulations and as a member of the National Association for Information Destruction (NAID) organization, our educated, highly-trained shred technicians will always properly destroy your private information. To ensure you that all private information was properly destroyed, after each shred job, you will be given a “Certificate of Destruction” for your records. Unlike an office shredder, our state-of-the-art technology shreds dozens and dozens of paper documents at once, as well as other materials, such as hard drives and CD-ROMs.
Depending on your shredding needs, whether it is scheduled daily, weekly or monthly document destruction, we will craft a plan with you that works with your work schedule. We also provide you with a secure container to store your documents and records before they are shredded. Contact our offices for more information on our document shredding services and solutions.

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