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Shredding Services For your Confidential and Protected Data
Paper Shredding has become the most popular method of choice for many Dallas area residents and corporations alike as they each enlist the services of a Professional Shredding Service to securely destroy their most sensitive information.

Data Shredding Services of Texas, Inc. II can help your company or organization incorporate a cost efficient and secure paper shredding program tailored to fit to your specific destruction needs. In addition to the questions listed below in the following section one of our security consultants will be more than happy to address any questions or concerns you may have. Contact us today to answer any questions you may have about our services!

Frequently Asked Questions on our Paper Shredding Services:

Businesses regularly print confidential information. These could be in the form of sales statistics, customer lists, drafts of bids, letters, and the like. These documents, once accessed by people who seek to exploit the company, become huge liabilities if and when they fall into the wrong hands. It is therefore imperative that any form of sensitive data not only be discarded – it must be destroyed. Thus, shredding companies are more important now than ever.
Business documents have retention schedules. This means that they are useful for the company only for a specific duration of time. After this, they stop being assets and start being liabilities. Since companies continuously produce data, it becomes imperative to destroy any sensitive documents right after they go past their retention schedules.

It all boils down to the amount of research you are willing to undertake. Shredding companies are many, but the truly reputable ones are not. Before you decide to hire a shredding company to take care of your sensitive data, make sure that you do a thorough background check on them first. Make sure that the company gives a Certificate of Destruction as well.

This is an issue that you should take special notice of. Companies which charge by the minute actually earn more than those which charge by the hour. This is because there is more incentive for them if they take more time doing a job. Simply put, the longer they work, the more they get paid. This is not the case with those which charge by the pound.

Senior management documents are definitely protected more by shredding your sensitive data. This point will always go back to the thesis of any shredding company. Senior management documents are sensitive information; therefore, they should be destroyed after they have exhausted their use.

DSS can serve your offices in the entire state of Texas. For your offices outside the state, we would be glad to coordinate with our equally reputable partners in the shredding business to make sure that your sensitive data in your offices outside Texas are equally protected.
Yes, we do. Just give us a call and we will be glad to discuss how we can best deal with your data shredding tasks. We can send a truck over to your office to shred the documents there, or we can pick up the materials and shred them in our facility. It all depends on your preference.
We actually have several types of containers that we can choose from. These are very secure, easy to use, and made of high quality material. When these containers are full, we will pick them up for shredding. It’s that easy.
The shredded paper is transported to a paper mill to be recycled. You can rest assure that all data is destroyed completely once the documents were shredded, so you and your company are already completely safe at this point.
Good news for you. You don’t have to do any of that. Our shredding facilities, both mobile and off-site, are not hindered by the presence of office materials such as these. So sit back, relax, and revel in the thought that you are being protected in the most convenient way possible.