Paper ShreddingEvery business in Dallas collects, stores, and circulates documents considered to be confidential. Most of these documents include confidential material surrounding their customers and employees that require protection.   Identity theft cases continue to occur here in Dallas, and confidential documents left openly in a trash bin or recycling bin definitely don’t help to combat this growing crime.  In fact, doing so only contributes to it, and worst of all may put your business at risk.

Any internal business file that’s no longer necessary to hang on to should be entirely destroyed before it’s disposed of. Papers that wind up in your local dumpster are deemed public information available for anyone to steal.  This means that it is entirely legal for Dallas residents to rummage through your garbage if they so wish. Dumpster diving provides one of the major sources of information to identity thieves.

Protect your Dallas company, employees, and customers, and implement the necessary steps to take for guaranteed security. All vital documents that have reached the end of their life-cycle should be stored in lockable collection containers until they are picked up for destruction. These shred bins will help to minimize clutter around your office while offering a safe place to store sensitive information.  Documents that are locked away are protected from the possibility of becoming lost or stolen. Ensure your Dallas business isn’t a target; be proactive by securely storing and shredding all private documents pertaining to your organization.

It’s the Law

Dallas Mobile ShreddingToday in Dallas and the rest of the U.S, there are various state and federal laws which dictate that it’s mandatory for your business to secure its private information, especially files concerning employees or customers. To ensure compliance with these specific regulations, it’s crucial that you shred all confidential and outdated business information.  Data Shredding Services in Dallas provides convenient paper shredding solutions that will keep your business in compliance and do so at an affordable cost.

Your Dallas business has a legal obligation to guarantee the privacy of your employees and customers, and should be well aware of the below regulations and their implications:

Environmental Benefits

Shredding in DallasData Shredding Services in Dallas recycles 100% of its shredded material! When you hire our skilled professionals to work with you, your business helps contribute to a greener and healthier environment for everyone. All shredded documents are bundled and recycled into paper products that can be reused, rather than being sent to your local landfill. There are multiple uses for shredded paper.  For instance, it can be used as excellent protective packing material, eliminating the need for Styrofoam peanuts. Not only is this option cost-effective, most importantly it’s environmentally-friendly. Shredded paper can also be composted, as paper will break down overtime naturally.